The Tripura Budget Template

An analysis of the state’s budget from 2012–13 shows a fairly consistent template. Low internal revenue generation (Figure 1), heavy dependence on fiscal transfers from the union government (Figure 2), and insufficient spending on creating the necessary capital assets (Figure 3). Additional information provided in the Budget 2020–21 document also shows that a massive 56% of total expenditure in 2018–19 was spent only on salaries, wages, and retirement benefits. This, a result of having more than 1.5 lakh government employees for a population of only 40 lakhs (2021; projected).

Insights for Opencity from Google Analytics

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Three months ago, Oorvani Foundation and CivicDataLab embarked on a collaborative journey to redesign OpenCity, an urban data portal visited by over 50,000 unique users every month. We set out to learn about our users, their experiences on the platform and their dreams for the future of this city based open data hub. An important part of our research is to understand data provided by Google Analytics. Let’s first meet Client. №1931, our top user.

Meet Client No.1931: Our top user

His first visit to the platform was on April 21, 2018. In the next 21 months, Client №1931 visited OpenCity 914…

In this first part of a two-part blog on Union Budget 2020 and the North Eastern states, we take a closer look at 15th Finance Commission recommendations on devolution of central taxes, and its impact on states’ finances.

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The recently announced Union Budget by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman accepted most of the recommendations by the 15th Finance Commission. Tasked with the preparation of a criteria to equitably share union’s shareable tax revenue to the states, the commission’s final formula brings relief to the resource-starved north eastern (NE) states of India.

If the Union Government’s revenue projections hold, together, the NE…

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Arun is an Economist, passionate about #OpenData and its potential to increase state transparency and accountability. Loves teaching.

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